Mary Kay Business Review - Mary Kay Ash Story Inspires Women

Mary Kay Ash didn't get to where he was in the direct sales industry without hard work. Her 'can do' attitude transformed from concentrating her previous job to writing a book designed to educate women on how to earn the opportunities in their career that he was seldom given. After writing the book he realized it was not only an self-help book but also a plan that could build a solid foundation for a successful business. Her 'can do' attitude was transformed one time again & focused on building a business that could benefit women everywhere.

Why Mary Kay Ash Inspires

Mary Kay's story is an inspirational one for everyone that works hard & believes in something better. Her story is inspirational to women. as plenty of women in the work force today face the hardship of competing in a 'man's world' Mary Kay Ash was challenged with the same problem. He thought he had a great job & was appreciated by her superiors. Mary Kay worked for 25 years in the direct sales industry as a national training director. This all changed as yet another man was promoted ahead of her with five times the salary. This would not have bothered her except that he trained this man also. He left her industry of 25 years that obviously didn't appreciate her skills & abilities.

What Her Inspiration Created

The Mary Kay quality products include skin care, make-up (of coursework), spa & body treatments & fragrances. As a distributor you are able to sell any of the products which all give you the ability to earn 50% profit on everything you retail. Marketing methods for Mary Kay mostly include online, traditional print (brochures) & personal contact which means 1 on 1 or by doing party presentations.

The focus on Mary Kay began in 1963. With only $5,000 in savings, the help of her 20 year elderly son Richard & her extensive experience in direct sales, Mary Kay's Beauty line was created. The company has grown to be traded in 35 markets around the world & has 1.8 million sales representatives that have created over $2.4 billion in sales.

The Business Model & How You Make Money

Mary Kay business model has of coursework followed the one he is most familiar with, direct marketing. The profits on the product are great. It is rare to find a company that offers that much of a profit to its distributors. But that's the only way you are able to earn money in Mary Kay. Because of this there is no time or financial leverage created. In essence it is like a second job & only produces money when you are working on selling, when you stop so does the money. If you are looking for a small extra money on the side selling some quality products Mary Kay may be perfect for you, but if you are looking for a way to generate a substantial residual income there are probably better opportunities out there. Generating time freedom & financial freedom in your life is what plenty of people are looking for today. There are business systems out there that leverage the power of the net & team marketing instead of relying solely on your own efforts. Automated business systems & the ability to work with business partners & customers world wide are a quantity of the advantages you want to be aware of & tap into.

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